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Reading for pleasure and raising attainment – RM Unify bridges the gap by RM Unify Administrator

It is not easy to miss the renewed focus on ‘reading for pleasure’ in government policy. The new National Curriculum for English, for example, places great emphasis on ... Read More

Safer Internet Day 2015 by RM Unify Administrator

Safer Internet day is being celebrated globally today with the slogan ‘Let’s create a better internet together’. Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Center the ... Read More

Access Office 365 content more quickly from your Launch Pad by RM Unify Administrator

RM Unify allows you to create and save web links for your favourite online content and store them on your own Launch Pad. Office 365 allows you to access emails and school ... Read More

Ofsted Encourages Creative Teaching and Learning by RM Unify Administrator

There is a common misconception that Ofsted would like all schools to teach using the same methods, follow the same ethos and compartmentalise their lessons into clear ... Read More

The ‘write’ apps – RM Unify can help to make it real by RM Unify Administrator

In their report, Moving English On (2012), Ofsted point out that standards in writing are lower than standards in reading and that the teaching of writing needs to be more ... Read More

RM Unify Literacy Month by RM Unify Administrator

Welcome to RM Unify’s Literacy month! Regularly check our blog and twitter for literacy app reviews, free teaching resources, and blog content to challenge the way you teach ... Read More

Welcome to RM Unify v2.18 – Smart links for Office 365 by RM Unify Administrator

V2.18 of RM Unify is here. We’ve been continuing to trial our ‘MIS sync’ feature with a number of schools across England and Wales this month, and we plan to release this ... Read More

RM Unify at BETT by RM Unify Administrator

With BETT just around the corner, RM Unify preparations are in full swing! This year at the BETT show you will be able to discover the wide range of educational app content ... Read More

Computing Curriculum Concerns by RM Unify Administrator

A recent poll of students, carried out by Microsoft and CAS, showed that more than half believed they knew more than their teachers about certain aspects of computing, such ... Read More

Creative ways to encourage boys’ writing by RM Unify Administrator

A recent study suggests boys are being held back by their reluctance to write outside school. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-3051477 There are some really engaging and ... Read More

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