Budget Solutions: Preventing Lost Teaching Time by Lesley Smith

As we've explored throughout our Budget Solutions blog series, there are significant benefits to rethinking your school's approach to ICT in the face of ever-decreasing ... Read More

Budget Solutions: Choosing the Right ICT Partner for Your School by Lesley Smith

Over the past few years, it has been well documented that there is an increasing pressure on schools to keep up to date with fast-moving changes in technology. These demands ... Read More

Not sure where to save school data? OneDrive offers the perfect solution by Simon Thompson

Thousands of schools are now using Office 365 through RM Unify and enjoying the 1TB of free storage in OneDrive. However, there is still confusion surrounding where to save ... Read More

Steps to take to improve room and resource booking with single sign on by Simon Thompson

Room Booking System from BETT award winning company School Cloud Systems is a new app within RM Unify. It's so handy that when you give it a go you'll probably wonder how ... Read More

Budget Solutions Does Technology Support Your Pedagogy by Kerry Helby

At RM Education, we often encounter schools whose ICT investment has been driven by the latest technology trends, where ICT investment hasn't been steered as to how the ... Read More

Get children interested in maths early on for greater academic success by Simon Thompson

When pupils move from GCSE to A levels, often maths is considered to be a tough subject that’s only for the super bright. Many students may get put off the subject both from ... Read More

Budget Solutions: Becoming a Server-less School by Lesley Smith

During our research into ICT spend, we found that some secondary schools, for instance, are spending as much as £135 per pupil on school-employed ICT teams and any ... Read More

Budget Solutions: Reducing ICT Support Costs by Kerry Helby

In our previous blog posts exploring Budget Solutions, we’ve seen how becoming a server-less school can have a significant impact on reducing your school’s overall ICT ... Read More

Let's explore the digital age of consent by Charlotte Aynsley

The Digital Age of Consent You may or may not have noticed but back in December last year the European Parliament considered whether we should change the age of consent when ... Read More

Digital Parenting - The role of parents and schools by Charlotte

Last night I did a parents’ evening at a school – a large secondary school with about 1000 students on roll. There was a great turnout and the school is really committed to ... Read More

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