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If you are not sure who to choose to help you in providing remote education as part of the new DfE scheme, then we can help. FIND OUT MORE

If you do not choose an implementation partner, one will be allocated to you –
but for what is an important decision, it is something that you may not want to leave to fate,
and we would like you to make your own choice based on the maximum information available.
Here are six questions you should ask yourself in making this decision:

Do they... RM Other implementation partners
…have experience working with schools like yours in this area? Works solely in the education sector, with a heritage dating back 47 years, working with c. 8,000 different schools. ?
…have strategic relationships with the type of partner that will allow them to maximise your specific demands? Is a “Gold Partner” for Microsoft and “Premier Partner” for Google, with a heritage as a software developer in our own right. ?
…demonstrate a focus on quality that will enable you to get what you need from these platforms? Customer retention above 90%, and customer satisfaction scores at the top end of all comparable measures. ?
…have a solution that is future-proof and will enable you to add new services in the future? RM Unify, which is already used by many thousands of schools, is included as standard - providing a simple launch pad to add additional services. Our solution is also modular, enabling you to customise your new platform. ?
…have a basic offering that is higher than the minimum scope laid down for the new scheme? The inclusion of RM’s proven integration services ensures that your classes and teachers can be kept aligned to your school's databases even into the new school year keeping all your records perfectly aligned ?
…have a support mechanism that can cope with your peaks and troughs – even in these unprecedented times? If you choose to go beyond the minimum package,
RM has over 400 engineers – providing online and remote access whenever you need it


RM have supported the education sector in this country for many years, and we believe that this experience allows us to understand how schools really operate. Our service quality is constantly being refined by working with numerous primary and secondary schools across the country, and with over 400 engineers – in the UK and in India – we are able to offer your school whatever support you need, when you need it, at any time you need it.

Don't just take our word for it...

“For the majority of problems we deal with, the remote support team are fantastic. We log problems via email and RM address them really quickly. I have been really impressed with how a problem is escalated, where necessary, to the remote support individual with the technical know-how to resolve issues.”

Cavalry Primary School

“The IT support we get from RM is absolutely excellent value for money. You receive a professional service that gives peace of mind and the reliability of technology that works.”

The Constellation Trust

“To put it simply, RM gets it. Their staff understand the potential impact when technology goes wrong, and endeavour to respond to problems quickly and efficiently – even before we are aware a problem exists.”

South Lanarkshire Council

If you are still undecided or have further questions, either telephone us on 08450 700 300
or complete this simple form, and one of our team will call you back to discuss.


We can help

Please contact me regarding the DfE scheme -
choosing the right online platform and choosing an authorised implementation partner.

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