Earlier this month, we celebrated the expansion of the successful RM ScrapIT trade-in scheme with a £3,500 charitable donation towards ICT projects in Africa. The two charities that benefited, IT Schools for Africa and Digital Links, have each received a £1,750 donation.

Tim Barnes, Programme Director, IT Schools for Africa said,

There is a high demand in Africa and beyond for ICT equipment. Working with RM Education gives us the chance to improve the educational opportunities of pupils by providing ICT equipment that helps them realise their potential and develop key skills for the modern world.

Aissatou Sow, Executive Director, Digital Links added,

ICT can transform learning for young people in African schools lacking resources and there has been particular success with RM Education's hardware.

Over a quarter of a million obsolete PCs in UK schools

Research has shown that there are over a quarter of a million obsolete PCs in primary and secondary schools in the UK (source: BESA 2009). The RM ScrapIT trade-in scheme enables these schools to save money and do their bit for the environment. RM Education customers can trade-in old PCs, notebooks, minibooks and servers to be collected and then reused or recycled, giving a discount on new products. We also donate £5 to worthwhile ICT projects in Africa for every PC, notebook or server that is successfully traded in.

Paul Lucas, Classroom Technologies Director, RM Education said,

We all know that the best way to recycle is to reuse and we're very proud to be able to realise this by donating money and trade-in kit to worthwhile ICT projects in Africa.

There is no charge to the customer for collection and we accept any brand of PC, notebook or server to enable you to make true savings. The RM ScrapIT scheme is simple, efficient and safe. Working with our recovery and recycling partner BTR, we're committed to encouraging worthwhile ICT projects in Africa.

Environmental Commitments

We work closely with BTR UK Ltd, who are one of the longest established specialists in end-of-life IT asset management. They provide a range of specialist services including secure handling and erasure of data to ensure peace of mind. The company is committed to the environmental and ethical collection and disposal of equipment with a goal of zero landfill. Old PCs are collected using a 'milk-run' approach, enabling multiple customer collections using only one vehicle, thus enabling the most carbon friendly approach to collection. Through these commitments, RM Education and BTR UK Ltd can work together to provide ICT to worthwhile projects and ensure minimal environmental impact.

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