Talks from our technology partners and discussion forums during our debate revealed some interesting new ways teachers are engaging their pupils and helping to equip them with vital skills for the workplace. Here's our run down of the top four ideas to try in your classroom.

#1: Set projects to get students collaborating

Team-working, problem-solving and communication were cited at REAL as the three skills most in demand by future employers, so think about projects you can set which bring students together in randomised groups to work collaboratively together, learn from mistakes, conduct research, monitor their findings and share their results.

#2: Use instant messaging apps to engage shy learners

To improve in-class collaboration and engage your shyer learners who may not have the confidence to put their hand up or ask questions, try using a messenger platform to allow them to ask questions anonymously, helping to feel more involved and engaged in lessons.

#3: Get students to record and share their progress

A great way to improve pupils' confidence and get them more involved in their own learning is to encourage them to think about achievable milestones, and to monitor and share these milestones whenever they hit a new personal best. They can do this through a variety of technology but even simple photo and video tools to record their achievements can be helpful.

#4: Use games to bring learning to life

More and more schools are leveraging students' engagement with gaming to increase interaction within class. Games such as Minecraft, a virtual environment game which lets users dig (mine) and build (craft) different terrains and habitats, is already being used to tremendous effect in some schools to support the teaching of subjects like history and geography.

We’sharing lots more content from our REAL event over the coming weeks, including summaries from some of our speakers and debates, key themes, new technology trends and classroom ideas.

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