Moving to the Cloud

M365 Education - Storage and Licence Changes in 2024 by Darren Baber

Microsoft are making changes to their M365 portfolio in the coming months, and some of these ... Read More

Microsoft Intune – changes coming in 2023 by Darren Baber, Principal Support Consultant

At the recent Microsoft Ignite event, a Blog was released announcing the end of the “Endpoint ... Read More

What is the journey to the cloud? For schools, it's digital transformation by Michael Oakes, Product Manager, RM

As an educator, it will come as no surprise to you that the way we talk about something has a massive impact on how audiences perceive it. For example, talking about ... Read More

Before you buy another school server: Is now the right time for you to migrate to the cloud? by Michael Oakes

There are many benefits to using cloud computing and associated technologies for teaching and learning. But if you’re in the early stages of the journey, or even ... Read More

Taking tech to the next level – small changes that add up to a big impact for teachers and learners by Michael Oakes

Over the past decades, technology has become ubiquitous in every area of our lives, and education is no exception. Management Information Systems, interactive whiteboards, ... Read More

How does a server support IT at school? by Michael Oakes

Fundamentally a server is just a powerful computer that historically has run at the heart of the network, ‘serving’ the network. A server stores, sends, receives and ... Read More

What is the cloud and how does it help schools? by Michael Oakes

‘The cloud’ isn’t one particular ‘thing’ or ‘position’, many schools can be ‘in the cloud’, but have completely different set ups and ways of working. ‘The cloud’ refers ... Read More

In the Cloud - Identity is your security... by Darren Baber

The traditional Network Manager The traditional network manager has an on-premise network that they manage themselves. They control, usually through something like CC4 and ... Read More

RM joins Google Cloud Partner Program as an Education Technology Premier Partner by Imogen Naylor-Higgs

We are pleased to announce that RM is now a Google Cloud Technology Premier Partner specialised in education. Google Cloud technology partners build apps and tools that ... Read More

Windows 10 Delivery Optimization by Alan Toogood

Update management is an increasingly important topic in modern technology. ‘Cloud cadence’ and ‘as a Service’ approaches mean that there is almost constant change. Change ... Read More

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