At BETT 2011, we invited you to design your ideal learning space. And win it.

We received hundreds of entries from schools of all shapes and sizes across the UK that left us inspired, moved, impressed and delighted by the diversity of responses. What really struck us most was the imagination of the pupils across the UK in creating these visions.You can find out who won (and browse the best of the other entries) by visiting our competition web site, and although pupils at the winning schools will benefit hugely over the coming years with state-of-the-art facilities, we'd also like to celebrate some of the other ideas such as:

The chocolate fountain is dark blue with light brown chocolate melting down the fountain. At the bottom of the fountain there is fresh strawberries put in every morning by the teacher.

My model was made out of an old wet wipe box, cardboard and lots of imagination!

I am all for learning, but the school doesn't help itself sometimes by having boring things in the classroom. Working on a neon green chair is a lot more exciting than working on a plastic brown one with a wobbly leg.

The ionising water flows under the see-through floor and then goes round through the filter and flows down the walls, meaning that you have the relaxing sound of water flowing. At the moment the IT room is not relaxing, meaning people get side-tracked, meaning they don't do their work so they can't achieve their full potential, meaning—


Dear RM Education, I have entered the competition to prove that school isn't just to work your socks off and hear your teacher shouting 24/7. For me school is a place to get away from all the troubles at home, and to improve my education.

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