One of the main objectives in writing this blog is to develop a continuous stream of money saving tips that will help you save critical funds over the coming years. Partly inspired by Ray Fleming's Money Saving Tips on the Microsoft UK Schools Blog, where he identified a staggering £350,000 of potential ICT savings (many of these strategies will be relevant to you), we'll go that extra mile be exploring:

  1. Tips and tricks on efficient school business management from our 'Money Saving Expert', Commercial Manager Dave Everett
  2. Creative fundraising ideas and access to grants
  3. Our new range of RM Essentials and flexible finance schemes
  4. A diverse range of ICT saving strategies (building on Microsoft's money saving tips)

Please do leave a comment if you have an opinion, wish to share your ideas or just let us know what more we can do.

Categories: Business managers, Cost savings, Senior leaders

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