After a year of extensive research and development, we've made an exciting first step towards the next generation learning platform with the creation of a new interface that is more intuitive, simpler and fun!

The flow of activities and work has been designed to be genuinely time-saving and easy to use; creating and managing online assignments takes just seconds, and a new search-based resource library is ideal for today's Internet-savvy learners. I've asked Naell Crosby-Roe, Product Marketing Manager for our Education Management Systems team, to provide a brief insight into this superb development.

"I'm delighted to announce that the RM Learning Platform 11.01 release is now live.", says Naell.

New Themes

There are loads of great new user-selectable themes, including one that's so pink it would make Barbie jealous. And who ever thought that the RM Learning Platform would one day be a home for meerkats, giant sheep and a penguin with a balloon!

Accessibility Support

Accessibility is very important to us so this has been improved too with the introduction of new services. Optional symbol translation and authoring has been added through the integration of Widgit Point and Insite web services.

Ground-breaking support for SEN and younger users

We've also worked in partnership with the award-winning team at Inclusive Technology to create MyZone, a ground-breaking new optional interface designed specifically for younger and special needs users that will create a learning platform for everyone.

Early feedback from customers is very positive:

Love the new v-Me stuff!!!" "The new themes look very smart" "Some of my kids have already been on and are discussing how much they love it!" "MyZone is the missing piece of the puzzle for our school

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