Since 6th June, we've been "on the road" listening, presenting, sharing and competing (yes, that's right, read on to hear about the 1,000 mph challenge!*) with our customers at the RM Education Technical Seminars. It's fantastic to get so much feedback directly from delegates, reinforcing the value these events offer and helping us strive to continuously improve every single event. We're about half way through the round now, and currently delivering the seminar in Maidstone as I type, so a good time to reflect on delegates' experiences so far.

This round of seminars include all of the excellent qualities that customers have come to expect:

  • 9 technical best practice sessions
  • an exhibition area with key partners and their latest products
  • plenty of tea, coffee, a decent lunch
  • and the chance to win at the end of the day prize draw

But regular seminar attendees will have noticed a few changes this time, for example the session content has a greater variety. There are still CC4 focussed sessions for those customers with an RM Education network but many sessions, such as Future Technologies, Managing a Technical Support Team, Upgrading your network and Apple Integration make the events of real value to network managers and technicians working in any UK school.

The seminar at Newcastle was one of the best I have attended over the years; the spectrum of streams in my opinion was 10 out of 10" - Paul Bodman, Royal Grammar School

*Intel join us to showcase their involvement in the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car project - which they are hoping to drive at 1,000 mph. Delegates have been getting behind the wheel of this jet and rocket powered car (virtually!) and trying to set a new World Land Speed record.

We've been extremely impressed with delegates' driving skills, and if you haven't attended yet, your challenge is to beat the current fastest speed of 1024.5 by Chris Norman from Newbridge School (although he is still yet to beat Cheryl!)

I'm delighted that Intel are part of the Technical Seminars again, and to see the excitement and enthusiasm from the customers for Intel and RM's products." - Simon Windsor, Intel

We've also introduced a scanning system to track which customers have attended each session and who the partners are that they have spoken to. This provides us with a clearer picture of which aspects of the day are most popular and allows us to send out more relevant information after the round.

Whilst we're still being environmentally friendly and not printing full sets of session notes, we have introduced the Technical Seminars Conference Programme. This has been positively received by delegates as it includes information on all of the partners (not just the ones from the venue they attended) but also the exclusive special offers and the autumn term technical seminar dates, which are already bookable.

In the 3 years of presenting at the Technical Seminars I have never seen a break out area with such a buzz to it and it's great to welcome some new faces as well as the regular ones. Personally I'm really pleased about the new badge scanning system as it helps me make more informed decisions about the session content" - Michael Oakes, Lead Seminar Presenter, RM Education

Continued thanks to all delegates and partners in making these events inspiring and engaging for everyone. We encourage all feedback, through multiple routes, so if you're a blogger, why not post a comment below and share your experiences of the Technical Seminars?

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