With 34% of secondary schools having either applied for academy status, or already operating as an academy, one question we are increasingly being asked is if we are charging again for MIS software the school has already bought.

Nigel Rayner, Head of Education Management Systems, clarifies our position for you.

It may not sound like the question we expect to be asked.  And to be truthful, the first few times it wasn't!  But as Becta identified in their 2010 MIS and Value for Money report, some MIS suppliers are asking schools to purchase a new licence when their legal status changes to an academy.

With the Integris range, RM is the second largest supplier of MIS in the UK. And we are pleased to confirm that we don't see the need to ask schools to pay a new licence fee. If yours does, perhaps now is a good time to consider your options.

Are you being asked to pay twice? Why not share your experiences with others here. For further information, read our summary of the Becta report or find our more about our Integris range.

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