Guest blog by Tracey Pitts, Senior Educational Consultant

Having had the opportunity to attend the RSA Opening Minds Conference last week I realised how similar the aims of the Opening Minds curriculum is to our own educational aims here at RM Education.

Both of us recognise the importance of  wider transferable skills that make up the key competencies of:-

  1. Citizenship
  2. Learning
  3. Managing Information
  4. Relating to people
  5. Managing Situations

Schools implementing Opening Minds might want to consider:

  • How can research and team work be supported by ICT? For example, what modes of use of mobile devices support this key competency?
  • What technology empowers students to create their own content? How do we inspire and give control to students for their own learning?
  • Where and how students access relevant information?
  • The different learning styles students use and how technology can support these
  • How can technology be used to support students reflecting on their own learning and relating to others with different needs and abilities?
  • How can technology support students with communicating and exploring the global community?

Perhaps you deliver the Opening Minds curriculum, or you're considering a change from the existing curriculum model and have questions that need answering. Maybe you're unsure what role technology has to play, or have innovative ideas you're implementing. Please do feel free to leave a comment.

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