Scotland is walking the talk when it comes to embedding its national intranet (called 'Glow') in learning and teaching.  This week witnessed the 20 millionth log-in to Glow - reaffirming its position as an international exemplar in online learning. With four out of five teachers having used Glow and half of those being regular users, there's lots to celebrate.  The 20 millionth log-in was a Primary 4 pupil who will soon be receiving a gift from us.

Technology is transforming the way education is delivered worldwide and the education community in Scotland is embracing Glow and ensuring that their local authorities, schools and teachers are in an enviable position. Across the country schools are embedding the use of tools such as Glow Blogs, Glow Wikis, Glow Collaborative Groups and Glow e-portfolios - all of which can increase the appeal to learners in today's classrooms.

Usage continues to increase – over four out of five teachers in Scotland have used Glow and over half of those on a regular basis, with over 425,000 users in total.  Glow is becoming embedded in classroom use.  Only last week around 4000 users, from all corners of the country, took part in the 'Choices for Life' national Glow Meet, just one of many examples of an event where schools come together virtually.  Glow web-conferencing is a very popular aspect of Glow - allowing teachers, pupils and subject matters experts to collaborate online, opening up the audience reach and avoiding unnecessary travel expenses.

Described as one of the most ambitious education ICT projects anywhere in the world, this successful project funded by the Scottish Government is bringing long term benefits to all Scottish schools and has significant implications for the way local authorities and schools work today and in the future.

Check out the Glow Cookbooks and see how schools, teachers and pupils are benefiting from Glow.

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