Many dyslexic and most visually impaired people will be reading impaired, which means they find it difficult to focus on and track text.  Leading provider of technology for learning, RM Education plc [RM], has unveiled a new product designed to help this group use e-readers.  ReadRight was the winning entry in RM’s annual Entrepreneur of the Year competition and was designed by employee John Hampton, a quality control administrator at RM Group company, TTS.

ReadRight, is an innovative leather-style cover for the Kindle e-reader. It has a coloured screen that changes the background colour, for example to black text on a yellow background, which helps people with visual impairments track and focus more easily.  With one in ten people diagnosed with dyslexia, ReadRight has the potential to enable millions to take advantage of having a (virtual) library in your pocket.

John Hampton, the product’s inventor, said: “I saw a gap in the market when I discovered that there was nothing like ReadRight available for people with visual impairments, like dyslexia, who want to use electronic reading devices. It’s been proven to work on hard copy books but there was nothing for e-readers.  ReadRight is appealing because it is inclusive – people who may have thought e-books weren’t for them can now take advantage of the same technology as everyone else.  It’s amazing to think that what was a passing thought when watching telly last year is now a product about to be launched to a global marketplace, thanks to RM’s commitment to innovation.“

Angela Sherwood, RM’s Director of HR said: “We aim to foster innovation and reward entrepreneurial spirit across our business, the Entrepreneur of the Year Scheme being one example.  This is a simple but brilliant idea that we hope will do really well.   John will receive his share of the profits so it’s a win-win!”

Available in a range of colours, ReadRight for the Kindle Keyboard 3G will be available via Amazon from mid-February at £12.99.  With the additional benefit that they look cool and protect your Kindle’s screen, ReadRight could become this season’s must-have e-reader accessory, whether you need one or not.

Have a look at our page to learn more or to buy the the READRight Kindle Screen Filter for Dyslexia and Visual Impairment.

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