"ICT will not get in the way of learning..."

The Judd School in Kent had been using CC3 with great success for many years. However, with constantly growing demands on the school's ICT, senior leaders and ICT staff knew it was time to upgrade their network. Determined to make sure his staff weren't working into the night or at weekends fire-fighting problems, Head Teacher Robert Masters signed his school up to an upgrade to a CC4 network. Watch the video below to discover the advantages of CC4.

CC4 - upgrade long overdue

ICT Manager, Virginia Baldock runs a tight ICT ship. She managed and oversaw the upgrade from start to finish.

She realised the upgrade was long overdue and wanted to keep up with hardware and software updates, and to enjoy the additional features that CC4 offers. Downtime is 'not an option' according to Virginia as ICT is vital to teaching and learning. She adds that her life is now 'a lot calmer' with CC4 in place and is extremely happy to have gained back some precious time.

"I was surprised by CC4," she says, "the management of it is fantastic and it allows us to be really proactive. Now we can focus on supporting teachers, staff and students." Virginia is impressed with a number of features in CC4. The RM Management Console is a big highlight because she and her team can easily manage workstations, and see much more information than they could before.

Now CC4 has brought Virginia and her team up-to-date with ICT at the school, including the roll-out of Microsoft Windows 7. Helpdesk response time is at an all-time low too. In fact, says Virginia, CC4 has simply made life easier.

"A platform for the future"

Head Teacher Robert Masters is convinced that the move to CC4 has been extremely positive, for his staff and for his students. "It's hard to count the number of things that haven't gone wrong," he enthuses. "What I do know is that ICT will now not get in the way of teaching and learning and pupils will be able to fly!"

For Robert, the smooth running of a network is paramount. ICT pervades everything the school does, including admin. He has experienced a number of ICT meltdowns in the past at other schools but, since being in the post at The Judd School, he has been incredibly impressed with the service and products supplied by RM Education.

"We've been delighted with all of the work RM Education has done here. They do things properly. I would strongly recommend them to other schools. You can even run with fewer technical staff as there are fewer issues. Everything has been tried and tested." Robert also recognises the quality of the CC4 network by saying, "It has produced a smooth running operation here. I have no doubt that it is a very, very good platform for the future."

"I always know that things will work"

Assistant Head Teacher Jayne Vickers teaches in a number of classrooms throughout the school. She has noticed that ICT is working really well since the upgrade last summer. "I always know that things will work and I feel more confident in the classroom now," she says.

Jayne's pupils are working harder, too, because ICT is working effectively and there are no disruptions. Jayne can easily see how much space she has left for saving documents, and she has quick visibility of her students' storage space too, which she finds really useful.

Easy installation

Martin Robinson is ICT Technician at The Judd School. He has spoken to other schools who have upgraded from CC3 to CC4 and all of them have told him they think CC4 is much smoother and much faster.

The installation process was easier than Martin thought it was going to be. "RM Education oversaw the transition and brought in their 'Top Gun' developer who stayed with us for a week to troubleshoot any issues. He also showed us the ins and outs of the new elements of CC4."

Martin especially likes the way CC4 allows a quicker turnaround on faults and the way that CC4 makes it easier for him to source user information quickly and have full control of all desktops, laptops and peripherals all over the school. "It's like a user interface and an asset register all in one," he says. "It does a lot more than CC3 did. I'd recommend it."

"In safe hands"

Head Robert Masters believes the school is in safe hands with RM Education. "You never know what's around the corner with ICT, but by partnering with RM Education you do know you are in safe hands."

About The Judd School

The Judd School is a Voluntary Aided Grammar School for boys, with a number of girls in the sixth form, situated in Tonbridge, Kent. There are around 960 students aged 11-18, of whom nearly all go on to University.

The Judd School is a Music and English and Science and Mathematics Specialist School. The Judd School maintains a long tradition of academic excellence and has exceptional expectations for all its students. Above all, it has a reputation for being a very caring and happy community.

If you would like to find out more about RM Community Connect please visit www.rm.com/communityconnect

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