The latest figures from the Department for Education reveal that as of 1st September 2012 there are 2,309 academies open in England. This represents a 10-fold increase from May 2010 when there were just 203 academies.

With 130 sponsored academies opening this month, it is the biggest increase of sponsored academies to date, taking the total number to 501. Of these 120 are primary schools, 344 are secondary schools, 32 are all through-schools and 5 are special schools.

The majority of the 1,808 converted academies are secondary schools, with 1,110 secondary schools converting compared to 647 primary schools and 51 special schools.

Overall this means that 5.7% of primary schools are now academies or in development to be one, with a further 1.9% applied to convert; and 46.8% of secondary schools are now open as academies, with a further 6.7% applied to convert.

According to the Department for Education, there are now 1.7million pupils taught in academies and 120,000 teachers.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said

We believe in trusting the professionals. That’s why we gave teachers the opportunity to take on more freedom and responsibility and they have grabbed it with both hands.

The new Schools Minister, David Laws said

I am pleased that more schools are choosing to increase their capacity to innovate and our vision is that all schools will take on these freedoms and responsibilities.

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