In 2011, sales of fiction books in digital format outstripped sales of hard copies for the first time. It seems we increasingly prefer to access our books through digital devices, with all the ease of storage, purchase and mobility this allows.

This publishing revolution had, until now, largely passed schools by. Without a way of allocating ebooks to students and no money to invest in new devices, as well as no additional funds with which to buy ebooks, the transition to digital textbooks seemed an impossible dream.

Gemma Addritt, Opening Minds Team Leader, RSA Academy commented,

Our ultimate vision is to have students accessing all their learning resources through a digital device.

That’s why RM Education has just launched RM Books. A free-to-use online system that gives access to high quality curriculum textbook titles from leading educational publishers as well as free use of over 1,000 classic texts in ebook format.  Teachers can rent, purchase and allocate books to students who then either view them online or download them to their digital device.  RM Books work with almost any internet enabled device (Windows, iOS, Mac and Android).

Gemma continues,

There are lots of benefits to be derived from ebooks:

  • students won’t need to carry great heavy bags to school;
  • books won’t get lost or damaged;
  • we can update our textbooks more frequently by using the rental options which would mean that every student is always using the most up-to-date version;
  • we can tailor resources to suit individual student groups and we won’t have old textbooks sitting in store rooms taking up space.
All in all it sounds great.

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