Parents play a crucial role in e-safety education, but may be unsure where to start when it comes to keeping their children safe online.

The bewildering world of social media and tragic stories in the news around cyberbullying may combine to put e-safety in the ‘scary and too difficult to deal with’ pile.  Other parents may be keen to crack e-safety at home but need some pointers as to where to begin.  Wherever they are on the journey, they need to know that their involvement in e-safety is vital. Tempting though it is, banning the internet would not only make them incredibly unpopular with their children, it would leave them even more vulnerable when they do, inevitably, go online.

With this in mind we’ve produced a Parents’ Guide to E-Safety.  It’s short, to the point and provides lots of places to go for further information, free filtering systems and resources to share as a family.  Why not email it out to your school’s parents, just before their children unwrap their new tablet from Santa? Or make it available on your school's website.

Merry Christmas!

To download the Parents' Guide to E-Safety please visit and scroll down the page

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