Not only is RM Unify officially a ‘killer product’ (according to several BETT visitors) it costs less than some schools spend on milk for the staffroom.  We know teachers like their coffee and tea but the cost of RM Unify is making people question why they would look anywhere else for a service that enables single-sign on access to their cloud apps and services.  The buzz around RM Unify is generating a tide of enquiries from developers and content providers all keen to get involved.  Sunset Boulevard has its stars, the RM Unify Launch Pad has its tiles!

Friday was the busiest day so far and we were inundated with customers new and old.  1:1 computing is still the hot topic and people are keen to see a range of devices, Windows 8, iOS and Android all attracting attention so it was good we had the full range to show.  Bring Your Own Device enquiries kept our infrastructure team extremely busy as network managers were keen to find out how they could adapt their systems to enable this route to 1:1.

RM Books continued to draw the crowds and we met more and more schools that have tried and failed with systems that just don’t have the range of content they need to make ebooks a viable alternative to hard copies.  The device agnostic and free RM Books with its range of quality education publishers will, we fervently hope, be the answer.

Our new generation of flexible and adaptable managed services has also been generating a lot of interest, especially from schools whose BSF contracts are up for renewal.  The old style of rigid contracts with inflexible service level agreements have had their day and there is a real appetite for the more supportive, partnership-style approach.

The show winds down today but to all of you who have visited the RM stand – thank you for all your feedback and for so many brilliant conversations, we have learnt a huge amount!  If you were unable to make the show and you want to learn more about any of our new products then check out the newly refreshed

Until next year!

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