It was a really busy first day at BETT with some clear themes already emerging from our conversations with customers.  As we gear up for day two, some reflections on the story so far..

Our Classroom of the Future presentation has been going down a storm with consistently good attendance. The most striking thing about the audience’s reaction is that people simply seem to accept that 1:1 devices will be the norm in the not so distant future and that we will have vast array of digital resources at our fingertips.  Whether it’s achieved through bring your own device (BYOD) or through another route, 1:1 computing is where we all seem to agree we’re heading.

Fresh from his keynote speech at the BETT Arena. Microsoft Vice President for Education, Anthony Salcito came to our stand for a chat with RM Managing Director, Mike Allen.  They touched on the themes that seem be permeating the event, the fact that 1:1 computing is becoming imperative to enable equal access to the rich digital content available online.  The two leaders also agreed that technology is a right, not a privilege and through schemes like Shape the Future we can close the opportunity gap that still persists.  Anthony also spoke about the fact that results won’t improve simply by a shift in medium – just because you take a test online doesn’t mean you’ll get a better grade.  Technology has to be a means to an end, not the end itself.  His message here was that you have to start by establishing what you want the outcomes to be and then harness technology to effect that transformation.  It’s not an easy thing to do – it requires a fundamental shift in approach, a complete change in how we engage students but if we are to reap the rewards that technology has long promised then this radical change of approach is essential.

As we had hoped, RM Unify is being welcomed with open arms with not just customers but app producers lining up to get on our Launch Pad to the Cloud – more on that and more insight from BETT later!

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