Day two at BETT has been a very busy one.  Hopefully we’re building up to ‘super Friday’ (we are very near Stratford where the Olympics effect is still visible and tangible so it could happen!).

If the inevitability of 1:1 computing was yesterday’s theme, then today it’s the Cloud.  Once you’ve got the device, what are you going to deliver through it?  How are you going to structure your teaching and learning and what content are you going to use?

How frustrating to have your own device when you can only access services and software that are actually sitting on it.  You get home from school and can’t access the brilliant programmes and apps you’ve been using during the day because they are hosted at school.  It brings the potential of 1:1 to a grinding halt.

This is why the Cloud is so important and why it was standing room only at RM Head of Digital Content and Platforms, Chris Munday’s Learn Live session.  Cloud services enable students to engage in their learning whenever and wherever they like because they can log on to their apps and services via a standard internet browser.  Join it all up with RM Unify and they only have to remember one username and password to access everything they’ve been using at school.  Whether it’s Microsoft 365, Google Apps for Education, RM Easimaths or another high quality content provider (and we are rapidly adding more and more) – via the RM Unify Launch Pad to the Cloud you can access everything everywhere so there are no barriers to learning.  There is an incredible amount of amazing content available online and this simple way of accessing it makes using it a reality.

It seems one of things students will definitely be accessing via the Cloud is ebooks.  The RM Books team has been rushed off its feet all day with people who are in the process of or thinking seriously about using digital books instead of, or alongside, their hard copies – it is most definitely a growing trend.  But beware of buying separate ereaders – people have found them very difficult to manage and find themselves tied to one content provider.  RM Books on the other hand is device agnostic (works on anything with an internet browser) so it’s great for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and we have an ever expanding range of quality textbook publishers on board.  And it’s free!

Until tomorrow!

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