A love of reading is top of many parents’ wish list for their children: it opens the door to other worlds, imparts knowledge, supports learning and it’s great fun. But what if children are more interested in computers than books? The two need not be mutually exclusive and yesterday on World Book Day, we were delighted to host St Nicholas CE Primary School from East Challow to our interactive learning centre (the RM REAL Centre) to show them how reading and technology can go hand in hand.

Dressed as characters from their favourite books, the children took part in a number of activities to bring the characters in their stories to life. Using green screen technology they held interviews with each other changing the background to fit to their characters. On the iPads they used RM Books, the younger children playing “True or False? Farm Yard Animals” by Daniel Nunn and the older students reading a passage from the Secret Garden, building on the mystery of what was behind the locked door the pupils used a drawing app to create what the garden could look like. Groups of the students also made a stop frame animation and were read to by Paul Fletcher, RM Manager Director, Education Technology Operations.

The day was a great success with pupils commenting “The RM REAL Centre is like a garden, it has flowers and grass and animals”. The purpose of the day was to support St Nicholas Primary School in encouraging pupils to read, with the use of technology the pupils were able to bring to life their favourite characters and create an excitement around reading.

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