As of 1st May there are 2,924 academies open, of which 2,225 are converted and 699 are sponsored.

Another 751 schools have applied to convert to academies (of which 471 are approved), and 257 sponsored academies are in development.

This brings the proportion of secondary schools which are now academies or in the process of becoming academies to 59%. The figure for primary schools is much lower with 89% of primary schools not yet applied for academy status.

The speed of conversion has slowed slightly in recent month, with the lowest number of academies converting this month in over two years.

At the latest Ofsted inspections, the majority of converted academies were either rated as ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’(36% and 50% respectively), but 13% required improvement and 1% (or 13 currently open converted academies) were even deemed ‘inadequate’.

In terms of sponsored academies, the largest sponsor is the Academies Enterprise Trust with 54 sponsored academies currently open, and a further 11 sponsored academies in development. This is followed by E-Act which currently sponsors 28 academies and has a further six in development, while the United Learning Trust sponsors 25 academies and also has seven in development. Looking at sponsors with a large number of academies yet to open, Navigate Academies Trust has 10 sponsored academies in development (in addition to the three already open), and the Oasis Community Learning Trust has eight academies in development (in addition to the 22 already open).

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