The latest breakdowns for this year's A-level released by the Department for Education reveal that 20% of all students aged 16-19 achieved at least AAB grades.

However, this varies greatly by type of school with 43% of students in independent schools achieving at least AAB grades, compared to 18% in state schools, and only 14% in FE colleges.

The highest proportion of students with AAB grades was in Reading (40%), while the lowest was in Knowsley (3%).

The Department for Education is placing increasing focus on performance in 'facilitating subjects', and this year 15% achieved AAB grades where at least two were in facilitating subjects, and 9% where all three were in facilitating subjects.

The Russell Group of universities has defined facilitating subjects as biology, chemistry, physics, maths, further maths, English literature, and foreign languages.

Interestingly, while girls and boys are about equally as likely to achieve AAB grades overall, boys jump ahead of girls when looking at AAB grades in facilitating subjects only.

Please click on the image below for the full infographic:

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