The academies conversion rate has accelerated enormously since 2010, and as of September 2013 there are 3,304 academies open in England (compared to just 299 in September 2010).

According to the Department for Education, there are now 153,000 teachers and 2.2 million pupils in academies.

While the majority of these academies are converted (74%), this month saw the second largest number of sponsored academies opening, and for the first time since 2010 more sponsored academies than converted academies have opened.

Here are some of the breakdowns:


Although in the past, academy conversions have largely happened in the secondary school sector, the number of primary academies has been increasing recently. In fact, this September's figures show that more than three times as many primary academies have opened this month compared to secondary academies.

Nevertheless, with overall primary school numbers in this county much higher, the proportion of academies remains a modest 9% compared to the 53% of secondary schools.


Academy status remains highly regionalised; in Darlington over half of of primary schools and all secondary schools are academies, while there are 10 local authorities with no primary academies and four local authorities with no secondary academies. There are now no local authorities without any academies open (all figures excluding City of London and Isles of Scilly as these only have 1 school).

Overall, the largest number of academies is in the South with 1,285 academies, closely followed by the Midlands with 1,274 academies. There are currently only 745 academies open in the North.


The current biggest academy sponsor is the Academies Enterprise Trust, managing 75 academies, with a further four sponsored academies approved to open. The vast majority of the academies within the Academies Enterprise Trust are sponsored academies (60), although it also supports 15 converted academies.

This is a far greater number than the second biggest sponsor, the United Learning Trust, which supports  49 schools, of which 32 are sponsored, 3 converted , 13 are independent schools, and one is a Free School.

Other large sponsors are the Kemnal Academies Trust with 38 open academies (20 sponsored and 18 converted), the School Partnership Trust (18 sponsored and 18 converted), and E-Act (28 sponsored, 1 converted, and 2 free schools).

In fact, there are around 350 different sponsors, but the top 10 sponsors alone manage 362 schools between them, and the top 15 sponsors manage more academies between them than the bottom 300 sponsors put together.

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