The latest exciting release of RM Unify is now live and with it some leaps forward in support for 3rd Party Apps, as well as a number of bug squashes and performance improvements.  We’re pleased to let you know the highlights via this blog post and we’ve also created acomprehensive release note for those who want to dig into more detail.

1.  Integrating existing Apps

Last month when introducing the ability to integrate existing Office 365 users, we hinted that the ability to integrate user accounts from your other existing Apps would come at some point in the future. Well that point is already here! We’ve opened this functionality up to any RM Unify App Provider who wants to utilise it and expect to see significant uptake within the next few months.

The functionality presents itself to RM Unify Administrators when an App is being installed as a tile for the first time.

2.  Getting a Client Password for Google Apps

Last month we were delighted to announce the arrival of Google Apps for Education, and this month we’re adding to this good news by including the ability to generate a client password which enables use of Google Apps with rich clients, such as your mobile devices or a desktop email application such as Microsoft Outlook.

The functionality can be accessed by any user who has a module of Google Apps installed onto the Launch Pad by simply clicking the ‘i’ symbol in the top left of a Google Tile.

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