RM Education received significant positive feedback last year when we announced that we would be focusing on the Software and Services areas of our business.

In this blog we’d like to clarify how these changes affect our customers, now and in the future...

We still supply infrastructure hardware

Whilst we no longer supply computers, we continue to sell a complete range of back end infrastructure products, from servers, back-up and SAN’s to managed wireless solutions, all fully implemented and supported by RM as before.  These are provisioned via a range of major suppliers such as Cisco, HP, Meru and Dell, amongst others, to ensure we can continue to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for projects involving software, services and hardware.  Read more about our networking hardware range. Hardware support for these products will be provided by the manufacturer.

Hardware service desk and warranty

Kelway are a very large UK company who focus on hardware support, and for two years now we have used their nationwide pool of fully trained and DBS certified engineers to provide on-site warranty repair services for RM hardware.  We have now asked Kelway to also take on the call management, fault diagnosis and spares management aspects of this service. The new service went live this week and will look very familiar to existing support customers.  The phone numbers are the same and it is quite possible you’ll recognise the engineer who visits onsite too, as a number of RM engineers have transferred to Kelway. We are in the process of putting the online call logging systems of the two companies together so it may be necessary to log all calls by phone for a short while.

Buying PCs and classroom devices

As we initially announced in December last year, we have put in place a new partnership with Misco who will be continuing to manufacture and sell the RM One All-In-One desktop, which has long been the mainstay of the RM range.  Misco is also making their vast range of ICT equipment and peripherals available to RM customers at very competitive prices.  This includes a range of Toshiba laptops and Dell desktops with Community Connect 4 hardware support packs for ease of building, straight onto a Community Connect network. For our Managed Service customers their RM support team will continue to source from a wide range of suppliers, including Misco.

Doing what we do best…

 Working with the very best partners, like Misco and Kelway, enables us to focus on helping schools address their key educational issues and needs via our growing range of software solutions and services. As leading suppliers of education technology solutions, RM has the expertise and breadth of skills to provide innovative solutions, such as RM Unify, RM Neon and RM Books, while ensuring we can still meet the new hardware requirements of our customers and continue to look after all the customers who rely on RM hardware in schools and universities.

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