The next release of RM Unify is here, and with it comes two fantastic new features to tell you about. We think these features easily warrant recognising this version as v2.0, a milestone to be proud of as we celebrate RM Unify’s first birthday!

Firstly, we are delighted to introduce Personal Launch Pads. Now more than ever, learning can be tailored to individual student needs. In RM Unify v2.0 tiles can be added by a user to a Launch Pad view which is unique to them, giving access to their most important learning resources, further cementing RM Unify at the heart of a learner’s online world. We call this ‘My Launch Pad’. Rest assured that the existing ‘Shared Launch Pad’ for apps directed at a cohort of users sits neatly alongside this.

The second development is an improved user interface design that impacts all of RM Unify (the overall look and feel of the platform, and the presentation of tiles and apps in the App library). Our developers have been busy making sure the new user interface is crisper and more responsive, with some simple, but effective changes made to the way app information is viewed. As the number of devices users access RM Unify on grows, we’ve been sure to better optimise our platform for multiple screen sizes.

Personal Launch Pads

To date, RM Unify has given RM Unify Administrators the opportunity to tailor Launch Pads for each Role Type, Year Group or Key Stage within their School, whether that be for Students, Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching Staff, Governors or Others.

By introducing Personal Launch Pads, we are now able to be even more granular and support independent learning.  RM Unify Premium subscriptions now include the ‘My Launch Pad’ feature – an additional Launch Pad view which includes only those tiles which a user decides are relevant to their learning, from those assigned to their User Group.

Here are a few useful things to know about Personal Launch Pads:

  • My Launch Pad is available to RM Unify Premium customers only
  • My Launch Pad is a feature which benefits all user types
  • My Launch Pad is switched on for users by default
  • My Launch Pad feature can be switched on and off easily by Administrator users via the RM Unify Management  Console
  • To enable users to add tiles to My Launch Pad, we have enabled (restricted) access to the RM Unify App Library on all user types

Personal Launch Pads, and the improvements to the design of RM Unify are explained as usual, in the comprehensive Release Note.

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