The National Curriculum is now up and running in schools across England and although the first of the new assessments won’t take place until next academic year, teachers are adapting to the new regime. In this post we offer a contribution to help explain the new system in your school.

I have visited several schools and taken part in teacher’s continuing professional development and know that there is a lot of uncertainty and debate around the changes. Consultations from the DfE are still ongoing so schools and teachers continue to have to adapt to changes that still aren’t finalised.

As schools need to work with their staff to introduce the new curriculum and prepare for new assessments, they also need to plan how they are going to monitor progress and keep Ofsted and their Governors happy.

Having been asked to present the new curriculum and assessments to the governing body where I serve I now make this presentation available through the RM Education blog.  It is prepared with the Governing Body of a standard primary school in mind but can be adapted as required.

Please feel free to use this within your school.

Live after Levels Powerpoint Presentation

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