The next release of RM Unify is here and whilst we have largely been focussing on some big new features that will be made available in the next couple of releases, we have also improved the ‘Create Tile’ functionality to enable you to create links to School hosted (or ‘local’) resources.

Create Link Tiles to Local Resources

Alongside the great range of full apps on offer, to date one of the most utilised features in RM Unify is the ‘Create Tile’ functionality, allowing you to create simple ‘Link Tiles’ to any online resource. RM Unify Premium customers can create an unlimited number of these handy links, cementing RM Unify as the point of entry to your Schools online world.

We recognise that a Schools transition to Cloud services is often a phased one, and hence we have implemented an improvement to this functionality that widens its applicability, aids Schools in utilising locally based resources alongside online resources, and further cements RM Unify as the entry point to all School resources.

The improvement is best articulated through a recap on the process for creating any Link Tile, which is available in the usual comprehensive release note. Enjoy!

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