We are looking for primary and secondary schools to take part in the National Literacy Trust’s exciting new research study into the impact of ebooks on children’s and young people’s reading motivation and reading attainment.

An ever increasing number of schools are using technology and ebooks to support the literacy needs of their pupils and to increase their reading experience. This is often introduced intuitively within schools. However, little systematic evidence has been collected about the impact of ebooks within the school context, and this is something that the National Literacy Trust wants to address over the next 12 months. The National Literacy Trust has a well-developed, nationally and internationally respected research programme. Through their research and their programmes, they recognise the importance of technology as a tool for teaching literacy skills, and they are keen to explore this in greater detail. To explore this area, they are going to work with us at RM Books and schools using our novel ebook platform that enables teachers to work on top of ebooks and set mid-book quizzes.

Other than taking part in the first large UK study into the impact of ebooks on the reading motivation and skills of pupils, what is in it for you?

  • You will recieve two school-specific reports that outline your pupils’ enjoyment of reading, their reading habits and what they think about reading at the beginning of the project and the end. This will give you invaluable insight into the views of your pupils. In the past, schools have used this information to inform their literacy strategy, to use as supporting evidence for OFSTED and to review their current literacy provision.
  • You will also receive a copy of the study’s findings in October 2015, which you can use to understand how to get the most benefit from ebooks in your school.
  • You will have regular contact and support from the National Literacy Trust Research Manager during this study.
  • You will received ideas on the many different ways you could use RM Books during your year to help your students improve their reading.
  • You will receive 25% off RM Books credit you add for student ebook rentals for use in this study.

What do you need to do if selected to take part by NLT?

  • Provide a named person in your school to lead your participation in this study for one year.
  • You already have the RM Books ebooks account you need for this study. Claim your free account or sign-in with your existing account. If you can’t remember your username or password you can request reminders.
  • You will encourage your students to read the ebooks (you can see whether they are reading within the usage reporting in RM Books).
  • You agree that participating pupils complete two attitudinal online surveys during the project year. One survey will be conducted in September/October; the other towards the end of the summer term (or the end of term, depending on how you decide to use the platform within your school). This will give us (and you) invaluable insight into pupils’ reading habits over the course of the project.
  • Since establishing the link with reading skills is a central part of our project, you also agree to share pupils’ attainment data (Accelerated Reader, Star Reader etc) and students’ usage data. These data will be anonymised and stored securely at the NLT and will not be shared with anyone else.
  • You will need to spend some money on ebook rentals during the year to make enough books available for your students. We are offering you a 25% discount (so, for example, if you invest £500 on ebook rentals that then only costs you £375 with your 25% off) for the purposes of this study. For budgetary purposes, please expect to reserve at least £375 for this study.

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