Summary of the RM Unify AD Sync service

The RM Unify AD Sync service is for RM Unify Premium subscription customers. It allows school Network Managers to synchronise local school user accounts and passwords with RM Unify. This service means that students and staff can access RM Unify with the same username and password that they use to access their local network resources.

The RM Unify AD Sync service monitors changes in the local Microsoft® Active Directory (AD) including password changes. When students, teachers or other users join your school, their network accounts can be automatically synchronised to data held in RM Unify. If a network account then changes, for example, if a student changes name, these changes will be synchronised up to RM Unify. When the time comes to delete user accounts, these will automatically be removed from RM Unify.

We are pleased to announce the release of RM Unify AD Sync v2. This new version will deliver a number of improvements for schools who wish to use AD Sync as a means of provisioning their RM Unify users. We continue to recommend AD Sync as the best method of user provisioning for RM Unify, as it provides a  direct link with a  student’s current username and password for accessing local resources.

Improvements in AD Sync v2 from AD Sync v1

AD Sync v2 includes the following additional benefits compared to V1:

  • RM Unify Administrators can be managed through local active directory group membership
  • Year of entry for students can be managed through local active directory group membership on vanilla networks or through CC4 User Manager on CC4 networks
  • Support for multi-school active directory configurations – e.g. an LA or cluster-wide shared AD
  • Provides support for schools moving from RM Learning Platform based user provisioning
  • Simplified installation due to fewer pre-requisites. In particular, MS SQL server is no longer required
  • Better reporting to help with diagnosing issues
  • Improved resiliency to connectivity outages

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