As well as implementing several bug fixes, in v2.4 of RM Unify we have introduced two new features which we would like to share with you. The first feature provides an additional way for schools to integrate apps into RM Unify which they may already be using. There were previously two ways to do this, and the integration type depended entirely on the app. We’re delighted that this new feature increases the total number of apps which can be accessed via RM Unify, even if schools are already using those apps.

Cached credential user matching – How does it work?

Once an app is chosen from the App Library, (and that app supports cached credential user matching), an additional option will be presented which allows it to be installed as a saved password app,  allowing users to enter their username and password for the app once it’s added to their Launch Pad. After that, they benefit from single sign-on to the app via RM Unify.This feature is only available to RM Unify Premium customers.

To see how  a particular app can be integrated into RM Unify if you already have a licence for it, click on the app tile in the App Library and follow the instructions presented on screen.

The second feature in v2.4 is to do with improved login security for RM Unify; we have introduced an ‘Account Lockout Policy’ to minimise the potential for account hacking by setting a limit for invalid username and password entries. This feature benefits all RM Unify subscription types.

Both features are explained as usual, in a comprehensive Release Note.


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