With regular headlines in the press about cyber-bullying, the dangers of inappropriate content and the questionable safety of social media it’s little wonder that e-safety is quite rightly becoming a growing priority. In fact, e-safety has become so important that Ofsted now includes it in inspections.

Under their remit as the UK’s independent authority for upholding information rights in the public interest the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has created a series of lesson plans and resources to give teachers the opportunity to inform students of the importance of personal information, privacy, and safety online.

Children start using computers from a very early age, and spend more and more time online as they grow up. While the internet can provide endless possibilities for communication and learning, it can also present many dangers. This month RM Education celebrates its 10-year anniversary as an Internet Watch Foundation member; celebrate with us by using these lesson plans to highlight internet safety issues.

To support the lesson plans an infographic has been created (http://ico.org.uk/schools/infographic) that details how different age groups use the internet, as well as highlighting some of the risks. This infographic provides an excellent introduction to the issues around internet safety and the protection of personal information for young people.

We hope to encourage schools to include these teaching resources as part of their curriculums to engage students with these issues, specific plans for both primary and secondary education levels have been created. The plans include interactive and enjoyable activities to give students a chance to discuss and share their own views on issues of personal information and online safety, as well as allow the teacher to adapt and appropriate the resources to suit their own requirements.

You’ll find teaching resources to support this activity on the ICO website

You can also explore how RM Education can help your school with e-safety on our website.

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