The next release of RM Unify is here, and with it comes two new features to tell you about.

As a result of growing customer feedback, we have now made it possible for users to create link tiles on Personal Launch Pads. Schools mentioned to us that this feature would be useful for students who may be gathering together revision materials, for teachers preparing for a presentation, or even just to simply create a link to a favourite news site.

Creating link tiles is simple. We have used the same process which is currently used by administrator users to create link tiles for general use. Though now, link tiles are personal to each individual user (if a school has Personal Launch Pads enabled).

The second feature in v2.2 will be of interest to schools using CSV upload as their means of user provisioning. It’s now possible to extract data for groups of users and for all  users in RM Unify via a simple CSV download file

Both new features are explained in-full as usual, in a comprehensive Release Note.

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