RM Unify v2.14 is here. For the last few weeks we’ve been working to finish off our ‘MIS data Sync’ feature in the RM Unify Management Console for schools in England and Wales – a large piece of work. Among other benefits, this great feature will include some new tools which allow you to setup accounts for parents. Our developments are being trialled by a number of schools currently, and we expect to release MIS data Sync features in England and Wales at the end of November (schools using SEEMiS in Scotland already have a feed of MIS data into RM Unify).

At the end of November, schools in England and Wales will be able to sync data between RM Unify and their MIS (a select number of MIS systems are supported), providing a richer data feed into a number of RM Unify apps, including syncing teaching groups and parent information.

In the meantime, we’re still releasing a brand new feature this month. No rest for the wicked. We’re introducing the ability for Premium and Basic subscription customers in England and Wales to upload their own branding onto RM Unify, making the Launch Pad appear like your own bespoke environment. Something similar is expected to follow in Scotland. This was a feature that many schools were asking for, in a request to make RM Unify appear more like their own portal. As always, the feature is explained in full in a comprehensive Release Note.

Some important bug fixes in v2.14

We’ve made some important bug fixes this month too, including some tweaks to the login page. They are:

  • Renaming ‘home email address’ to ‘password recovery email address’ in RM Unify.
  • Removing Twitter reply messages from the RM Unify login page
  • Username scope has been added to login page when users are promoted to verify their password recovery email address
  • Text size on the login page Username and password fields has been reduced to display more characters
Example Launch Pad backgrounds:

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