If you are a school that uses Accelerated Reader or Accelerated Maths, you may connect your licences for these services with RM Unify, and match your user accounts. The benefit in doing this is that you will gain single sign-on into these services through RM Unify – if you are using RM Books, you can seamlessly move between RM Books and Accelerated Reader without logging in.

Here is how to connect your school’s accounts with RM Unify:

1. Go to the RM Unify App Library
2. Find the Accelerated Reader or Accelerated Maths tiles – click on the tile
3. Read the presented information, including the Support Info and Privacy Info
4. Click ‘Buy’
5. Read the Privacy Statement and check the box to show that you have read and understood it
6. Select the Option ‘Yes, I already have a licence for the app…’
7. Click ‘Next’
8. Enter your Licence Key for the service – The link to find this is shown in ‘Get Key’ link
9.  Click ‘Next’
10. Select the £0.00 connector licence for RM Unify
11. Click ‘Add licence’
12. Install the app onto your chosen RM Unify Launch Pads – Launch Pads are displayed to different RM Unify roles, and possibly Year Groups and MIS Groups (if you have configured them)

13. When a RM Unify user clicks on the tile for the app on their Launch Pad for the first time, they will be asked to enter their existing user account details for the service. RM Unify will match their account at this stage. When a user clicks on the tile thereafter (in RM Unify), they will be logged into their account for the service without needing to enter their details.

If you have any questions, or require support for this process, email rmunify@rm.com

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