Tackling school priorities head on with RM Unify…

Pheasey Park Farm is a 700 pupil primary school in Walsall. The school has seen significant
change over the last 12 months with a shift in culture to improve teaching and learning outcomes. Here’s some comments from a recent RM Unify team visit…

“A quick tour of the school and we see teachers and learners using RM Unify within lessons, pupils as young as 5 seem to have no trouble navigating through RM Unify to get to their favourite application.”

Lisa Snuggs, RM Unify Marketing Manager

“…the internet is an amazing resource for pupils and has changed the way they learn, however it can be a dark place and therefore being able to have the safe environment of RM Unify, with the educationally relevant apps in it like You Tube for Schools, means the pupils benefit from the relevant content without the risks of the main website…”

Mr Orbell, Yr 5 Teacher

“…I give it 10/10, I love how quick it is to access Purple Mash…”

Ryan Mills, Year 6 Pupil

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