RM Unify v2.10 is packed full of additional features and usability improvements which will benefit schools across the UK.

This month, we’ve focused on improving the Account Management tools within the RM Unify Management Console. We’ve introduced a set of self-service Account Management tools under the new ‘My Profile’ area, and we’ve made it much easier to perform basic account management tasks without the need to manage multiple CSV data uploads. Schools using RM Unify AD Sync will make less use of these features, though they may still be useful when managing users which do not appear in the Active Directory (AD).

You will have seen we’re capturing a home email address for users after the login screen. This is part of the ‘My Profile’ feature and allows users to set an email address for RM Unify to store if they forget their email address. Self-service password reset is applicable to non-AD Sync schools only.

The final feature introduced in this release benefits Local Authorities and Academy Trusts who’re  responsible for supporting multiple RM Unify Establishments. You are now able to access those Establishments via one login.

This Release Note breaks down all the new features for you, and outlines how they should be adopted to improve the way in which you use RM Unify.

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