RM Unify v2.12 is here. This Release comes at an exciting time when Glow Services in Scotland are moving over to RM Unify in-full. That means schools and LAs using Glow in Scotland can now make use of the RM Unify Management Console for Account Management. To understand how to perform Account Management tasks in RM Unify, including changing passwords, creating users, and approving establishment transfers, read the RM Unify Administrator Guide for Glow.

V2.12 of RM Unify includes three headlines to make you aware of. The first is the release of a new-look login page for RM Unify. We’ve designed new login pages for Glow schools in Scotland, and for schools in England using RM Unify (a specific design is being released for schools in Staffordshire using LaunchPad365).

The second headline this month is the syncing of MIS groups from SEEMiS in Scotland, into RM Unify. Schools using SEEMiS as the means of provisioning accounts into RM Unify will benefit from teaching groups, registration groups and Year groups appearing in the RM Unify Management Console. Using these groups, teachers and RM Unify Administrators can change passwords for an entire group of users.

The third headline in V2.12 of RM Unify is the introduction of Automatic Establishment Transfers and Manual Establishment Transfers for schools using Glow. This means that when a child starts school in P1, their Glow account will move with them until they leave secondary school, regardless of whether they move  between schools during this time.

All features are explained as usual in a Comprehensive Release Note.


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