Are you looking for hints and tips of how to get started with BrainPOP and make the most of it in the Your Scotland competition?

From 17th August-9th October, BrainPOP will be made available to every school in Falkirk Council and Dundee City Council through their Glow Launch Pad for the Your Scotland competition.

Find out more about the Your Scotland competition.

Primary school pupils across these two Local Authorities have been asked to identify and research a problem in Scotland which they think may cause problems for their school or town over the next five years and come up with a solution to how they would solve the problem. They are encouraged to research these topics by exploring some of the 10,000+ hours worth of digital animated resources available within BrainPOP. Pupils will then create short animated videos (using J2spotlight) to outline their research and proposed solutions, these will then be judged by RM Education before prizes are awarded to the winning 3 schools.

How to get started with the competition?

So you have received your introduction emails to the competition, you have printed out the brief document and posters for your classroom and school corridors, you have added BrainPOP and J2e to your Glow Launch Pad, what’s next?

The first task for pupils taking part in the Your Scotland competition is to identify and research a problem in Scotland that they think will impact their school or town over the next five years.

BrainPOP provides a safe way for children to study and research new topics in a more engaging format than a textbook. Let your students explore BrainPOP and search for the topics which may be of interest to them for this competition.

But first, make sure you download this ‘Get Started’ guide which provides an introduction to BrainPOP, it’s learning resources and technology for all teaching and support staff.

How to get started with BrainPOP

For some more specific information on how to use BrainPOP for the research phase of the Your Scotland competition, take a look at the improving and implementing research skills poster, which points out all of the Topics in BrainPOP that will help a child develop proper crease skills.

Download your Researching Skills hints and tips poster

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