Peakirk-cum-Glinton CofE Primary School is a smaller than average-sized primary school in Peterborough with a strong awareness of their local history. They receive proactive IT support and an engineer in school one day a fortnight with RM Flex.

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The school have previously used a selection of smaller local ICT support providers who they believed would provide a more personal service, however this has not proved to be a successful strategy; the levels of support the school received were very reactive and didn't support the schools goals for teaching and learning, so they turned to RM to provide a more holistic service.

Their RM Flex service provides the school with a Relationship Manager for a one-to-one point of contact, telephone and online call logging, diagnostics and resolution and an engineer on site for one day a fortnight.

"After working with a number of providers to manage and maintain our school IT, we have found that RM's customer service, individualised approach and willingness to resolve all issues is brilliant.

Although they are a large company and we are a small school they have taken the time to visit us to best understand our needs and requirements and actively remained in close contact.

Their initial site visit helped us to understand each other and they really understand the needs of a school to have the IT equipment and server working, to help staff deliver lessons and pupils to use the equipment.

Our technician works hard to resolve all issues reported and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to do this."

Peakirk-cum-Glinton Primary was one of the very first schools to take the RM Flex for Primary Schools service which they chose based on their positive recent experience with RM support when a wireless installation issue was resolved.

Prior to the start of the RM Flex service, Peakirk-cum-Glinton Primary arranged for the installation of a new wireless solution, however, this was not completed entirely to their satisfaction and left the school with the some 'dark areas' where there was no wireless internet connection. Their previous ICT support provider had been unsuccessful in resolving this issue and RM were able to audit the current solutions, identify the issues and create a proposal to resolve the 'dark areas' which was accepted and promptly completed.

"Previous issues which other providers have found insurmountable have been quickly resolved for us. The reporting system is quick and easy with regular updates on logged items. Many are resolved remotely, meaning we are not waiting for the technicians visit before they can be rectified."

Craig Kendall - Headteacher

If you would like to talk to RM Education about a bespoke ICT support solution for your school, delivered by a trusted partner, please email your details to and we'll get in touch, or call us on 0808 172 9534.

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