National Literacy TrustToday, the National Literacy Trust has published a new study entitled The Impact of ebooks on the Reading Motivation and Reading Skills of Young People.The study is one of the first and largest to explore the impact of ebooks on reading attitudes, behaviour and attainment in UK schools. It illustrates that using ebooks can help boys to make significant progress with their reading, as well as getting reluctant readers to enjoy reading more.

Forty schools took part, using RM Books for their own literacy projects. On average, projects lasted for 4.2 months, and during that time:

  • Boys’ reading levels increased by 8.4 months, compared to 7.2 months progress made by girls.
  • The percentage of boys that felt reading was difficult almost halved from 28.0% to 15.9%, suggesting that confidence in their own reading ability also increased as a result of this project.
  • Twice as many boys also thought reading was cool at the end of the project, increasing from 34.4% before to 66.5% afterwards.
  • The proportion of the most reluctant readers who said they enjoyed reading using technology increased from half (49.2%) to almost two thirds (64.2%).
  • The percentage who enjoyed reading on paper increased fourfold during the project from 10.0% to 40%, indicating that the project has opened up the world of reading for this group of pupils on paper as well as on screen.
  • Boys from this group read for longer using technology too, increasing from 8.1% to 24.5%.

National Literacy Trust Research Manager Irene Picton said: “The study clearly shows that the impact ebooks can have on reading enjoyment, particularly for boys, goes well beyond the novelty of a new reading format.”

Read the NLT’s final report in full: The Impact of Ebooks on the Reading Motivation and Reading Skills of Children and Young People: A study of schools using RM Books, Irene Picton and Christina Clark, National Literacy Trust, December 2015

For more information on the NLT study and how RM Books is used in schools click here.

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