RM Unify allows you to create and save web links for your favourite online content and store them on your own Launch Pad. Office 365 allows you to access emails and school content online. Find out how to create smart links to this content by reading on.

How do you access Office 365 content quicker and easier?

RM Unify has introduced a tool which allows you to create web links to specific Office 365 content, without the need to login to Office 365 each time. This might include an Excel spreadsheet you access often for planning and budgets, or a SharePoint Site where you keep class assignments and homework tasks. Other examples could include:

  • You’re in a lesson and you want to quickly share a worksheet with your class, but it’s stored in your OneDrive Folder…
  • You’re using an online application and you want to embed a link to a SharePoint site for reference…
  • You want to create a shared Tile in RM Unify that you need to ensure all staff can read (e.g a new policy or a rota)…
  • You’re a student who’s created a revision timetable using Microsoft Word, and it’s stored in your OneDrive…

Here’s how it works

  1. Go to your chosen content in Office 365. Copy the URL from your web browser.
  2. Go to your RM Unify Launch Pad and click ‘Add Personal Tile’
  3. Give your Tile a Title, then copy the URL into the ‘Address’ field
  4. Click ‘OK’…and you’re done! Easy.

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