The new RM Unify MIS Sync tools enable the following:
  • Synchronise first names and surnames with MIS records
  • Populate class and registration group data into the RM Unify management console to enable group-based user management
  • Extract Parent records from your MIS in order to distribute parent logins to RM Unify
  • Single sign-on to RM Unify Apps such as Show My Homework where MIS data is essential to effective use of the service (class homework setting etc.)

Instructions on the MIS Sync process for RM Unify, including how to create parent accounts, can be found here

Important support notes:
  • RM Unify MIS sync currently only supports Capita SIMs and RM Integris customers
  • A Groupcall Xporter Download is required for Capita SIMs schools
  • We are currently experiencing issues with RM Integris schools using Show My Homework via RM Unify. Please contact us at for updates
  • After the MIS Sync is completed, MIS records become the principal data source for user data, including First Name, Surname and Display Name. O365 and GAPPs display names will be changed based on records entered in your MIS. Please be aware of this before deciding to Sync with your MIS.

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