When seeking an alternative provider for our broadband we looked at a number of options but were particularly impressed with the clear quote and clear package that was offered by RM Education, we knew exactly what we would be getting. We wanted 100mbps and after looking around found that RM offered the best value for money.

The transition was smooth and two years later we're still with RM and happy with the services that we're getting through them. One of the key differences we've noticed is the support that we get, if there's ever a problem with the service RM will actually try and help you whilst you're on the phone and you can't say that about many other companies. I just can't oversell how good it is to be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone.

Another significant differentiator is RM's change requests. It used to take eight working days with our previous supplier, there was one form used no matter what the issue which you had to fax back. There was no instant acknowledgement of receipt and their service desk was very poor. We felt like we were just a number to them. Nowadays we just go direct to support and change requests take no more than 24 hours to action.

To be honest we're paying around about the same as before, but we're getting more - more support, more control. We use the internet in almost every lesson and it's much more responsive, when you've got a class of 30 pupils this can make the difference to making or breaking a lesson. Teachers who have come from other schools say how good our network is, they normally comment on the reliability saying 'in our old school the network used to go down once a week etc.

"My advice to other schools looking to move their broadband away from the LA is - if you think you're tied in because of all of the other services provided, do your enquiries, look into it, talk to other schools. Sharing knowledge with other schools is so important."
Jason Edwards - Operations & Network Manager King Edward VI Five Ways School

If you would like to find out more about our broadband solutions please visit www.rm.com/broadband

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