Desktop single sign-on is now available for RM Unify Premium schools in England and Wales. This new feature is available at no extra charge.

What is Desktop single sign-on?

Desktop single sign-on (DSSO) for RM Unify provides a facility whereby students and staff are automatically logged into their online services (including email) through RM Unify when they are logged into a school windows device (PC or laptop). Where Desktop single sign-on is not switched on, you must login to the device, go to the RM Unify login page and login again to your online services. Desktop single sign-on reduces the login process to just one step.

How Desktop single sign-on works

How do I get it for my school?

There are 3 main steps involved in setting up Desktop single sign-on:

  1. Install RM Unify AD Sync v3 (you will be required to upgrade if you already have v1 or v2).
  2. Configure the new SSO settings in the RM Unify Management Console
  3. Configure the SSO settings on your school network and chosen browser.

Full Details on each of these steps can be found in the RM Unify v3.0 Release Note

For support on setting up Desktop single sign-on you can contact the RM Unify Help Desk:

  • 08450 700300

Also new in RM Unify v3.0

  • A brand new login page for England and Wales schools. Seen it yet?
  • Sync an AD password with a Google Apps password for Chromebooks and Android
  • Install Google Apps and Office 365 in RM Unify on two separate domains

Details on each of these features, and how to set them up can be found in the RM Unify v3.0 Release Note

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