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From 1st December 2015 some RM Unify services (including AD Sync, MIS Sync and CSV Sync) will require a minimum operating system compatibility of Windows Server 2008 or above. If your school’s Active Directory and MIS server is not running on Server 2008 operating system or above, then RM Unify user provisioning may no longer be compatible after this date. In addition to this, end user device operating system and browser restrictions will apply for RM Unify, meaning RM Unify will not be accessible on a number of old browsers and operating systems. A link to a full list of compatible operating systems and browsers for RM Unify can be found below.

This required change is related to an Industry standard change for online application security from ‘SHA1’ certificates to ‘SHA2’. RM Unify must use a SHA2-encrypted certificate in order to adopt this best practice standard.

Action required

In order to continue using RM Unify and your associated apps, you’ll need to ensure your school’s servers running RM Unify services are using Windows Server 2008 operating system or above, and that end users devices which are used by RM Unify are running compatible browsers and operating systems (see link below for a full list).

If your school servers are already running Windows Server 2008 or above, then no further action is required on the server side. If end user devices are not running compatible operating systems and browsers, then upgrades will be required.

For information on which client and server operating systems, and browsers, are compatible with the SHA-2 standard, follow this link.

For advice and support in upgrading your servers and operating systems from Windows 2003, speak to an RM expert by emailing or call 0800 046 9798.

Back in February 2015 we posted a blog on our website on the options related to upgrading from Windows 2003. You can review the blog here.

For any other queries related to your RM Unify subscription, contact our team at

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