Facilitating the impact of CPD quickly and easily

As we all know, Teaching and Learning is the number one priority for all teachers.  Continual Professional Development CPD is important for all teachers (you don’t need me to tell you that), it provides teachers with an opportunity to learn, reflect, and improve.  Recording CPD for teachers is vital and can be an onerous task.  However, SchooliP makes it a simple and seamless process, enabling schools not only to record CPD activities but also rate them in terms of the impact on teaching and learning.

Whether you’ve seen or used SchooliP before or not, you will all be interested to know the CPD enhancements we’ve developed within the solution recently.  All the enhancements are supporting SchooliP customers with their processes and helping to save time and money.

User Defined CPD

Staff can now build their own portfolio within the SchooliP system.  When teachers add a user defined CPD activity, they are automatically asked to link it to their objectives and to the Teachers’ Standards, helping to give purpose to each activity.  In addition, this helps to record the impact that the activity has had on teaching and learning.  This, in turn, helps to provide accountability to governors and other school leaders, with regards to demonstrating the spend, and showing who and how it has helped.

CPD Co-ordinators love the fact (and I don’t say that lightly, they use the word ‘love’), that they can easily and efficiently report on all courses, for all staff.  They have told us it is an ‘invaluable’ tool (I’ll happily put you in contact with them) which saves hours and hours.  The reports show all CPD activities including costs and impacts as mentioned earlier.

Assigning Courses for multiple staff

It sounds simple but if you’re a CPD Co-ordinator, I can guarantee that you dread inset days knowing that if there is a team CPD activity, you will have to upload it for every, single staff member!  Even for smaller schools with less staff, this can be a time-consuming chore.  However, SchooliP will enable you to assign a course centrally, to multiple staff, in one go.  The simple wizard makes the process quick and easy, saving time and effort.

These are just a couple of the changes we’ve made, if you’d like to hear more or perhaps you’d like to see the software in action, please contact SchooliP on 01332 222 456.  

Read more about SchooliP here.

Plus watch this space for changes coming soon to the CPD menu – contact SchooliP for more details!

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