Proactively alert students to their new ebooks and flipped homework assignments using new Share to Classroom button within RM Books

RM Education, the UK’s leading education technology supplier and an accredited Google for Education partner, today announces new integration with Google Classroom from RM Books, the UK’s most popular ebook platform designed specifically for schools.

Teachers in schools using Google Classroom and RM Books will now be able to alert students to allocated ebooks using a new “Share to Classroom” button in RM Books. RM Books already makes it easy for teachers to push ebooks out to their class, reading group, homework group or any cohort of students; this new integration makes it even quicker for teachers to alert students to their new book or homework activity.

Emma Fish, EDU Partner Program Manager for Google, commented: "We're delighted that RM Books now works so well with Google Classroom. This integration makes the two platforms work even better together, allowing teachers and students to seamlessly assign or turn-in links in RM Books. It's another example of our growing partnership with RM Education.”

Toby Black, Managing Director of RM Education, commented: “Our strategic relationship with Google for Education enables schools to seamlessly enjoy Google’s cloud services via our single sign-on identity management platform, RM Unify. Making our popular ebook service work even better with Google Classroom will be welcome news for our schools.”

Alan Hodgin, Head of RM Books, added, “Many teachers using RM Books have asked for a way to alert students, outside of RM Books, when they allocate ebooks and flipped learning homework. We’re delighted to now make that possible via our new integration with Google Classroom. RM Books is already proven to improve students’ attitudes to reading and accelerate reading progress so our closer integration with Google Classroom should help more schools make this impact.”

RM Books is the leading ebook platform for UK schools and offers a comprehensive range of textbooks, topic books and fiction ebooks for schools to purchase or rent (from 7 days to 3 years). Teachers can allocate ebooks to individuals, groups of students, classes or even the whole school; librarians can build an engaging school ebook library and integrate it with their existing library management system; teachers and school leaders can track ebook allocations, time spent reading and comprehension. Books can be read online using any internet-enabled device or computer, or downloaded to iOS or Android devices to be read offline. Through an interactive reader, teachers can add notes, web links, videos, images, audio, attachments, comments and quizzes to ebooks, enhancing their students’ reading and learning experience.

Use of RM Books has been proven to make a dramatic, positive impact on students’ attitudes to reading and reading progress by a recent in-depth study across 40 schools by the National Literacy Trust.

Watch RM Books’ new Share to Classroom button in action on this video:

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